We strive to create high-quality and well-designed travel companions for people on the go, thought through to the most minute detail. Many small things combined make our life special. Practical, innovative, or very simple functions emphasise the unique nature of our light-weight and robust luggage and bags.

Here, you will find an overview of all features – simple click on an icon for more information.


  • 100 % polycarbonate

  • Low weight

  • Clothing compartment

  • 360° rotating wheels

  • Meets the IATA standards for hand luggage

  • 158-cm rule

  • 2 corner wheels

  • TSA-approved lock

  • Extension feature

  • Telescopic handle

Our hard shell cases are made of 100 % high-quality and original polycarbonate. This plastic material ensures stability: It is extremely robust and also flexible, meaning that your suitcase will not break if its stress limits are exceeded. Thanks to the polycarbonate your travel companion is also heat resistant. In addition to this, the decisive advantage of this plastic matrix is its low weight.

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Our luggage is distinguished by its low empty weight. No unnecessary ballast – the light empty weight means that you can take more luggage.

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The additional integrated and spacious clothes compartment inside the case, separated with a stable extra net and fixed using adjustable belts makes sure that your clothes do not crease while travelling and that they stay clean. This intelligent system also makes sure that you can keep your luggage in perfect order.

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Thanks to the four 360° rotating, quiet-running rubber wheels, you can move your luggage easily, quickly, and flexibly from A to B. You can move this luggage alongside you without straining your back.

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Our hand luggage suitcases meet IATA standards: They meet the maximum cabin size of 56 cm by 45 cm by 25 cm. You can learn more about the IATA standards here.

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The spacious check-in size of the large suitcase models meets the 158-cm rule. This standard, introduced by airline companies, sets the maximum size per luggage item according to its volume: length + breadth + depth= 158 cm max.

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2 corner wheels keep your suitcase stable even on uneven surfaces. The robust plastic casings inside the inner and outer casing of your suitcase protect the corner wheels, and they offer little surface to be damaged. In addition to this, you have more pack volume because the outer casing does not have two indentations to house the wheels.

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The TSA® hardened steel combination lock, keeps your luggage safe in two ways: Not only does the TSA combination lock with a three-digit code protect your luggage from theft, it also guarantees that your suitcase will not be damaged should it be inspected by security staff.

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Thanks to the integrated, expanding comportment of the zipper on the inside of the trolley you can adjust the pack volume according to your needs:  If you would like to take more items with you, this elastic pleat gives you the additional space you need for this in your enlarged suitcase.

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The easily height-adjustable telescopic handle fits perfectly into your hand, and it ensures that you can travel comfortably. With the stable multi-stage snapping system in the telescopic bar, you can adjust your luggage to your own height. Along with the carrier handle located on the upper side of the suitcase, this feature gives you a maximum of mobility when you are walking.

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