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Luggage allowance

Do I have to pay for additional luggage?

Avoid unnecessary travel expenses and learn more about luggage allowance regulations here.

What items cannot be taken on board?

Safety is our top priority, especially on a plane. Read what you are not allowed to bring on board with you here.

What should I pay attention to with regard to size and weight restrictions for hand luggage?

If you are travelling with hand luggage, restrictions may vary by airline. There are however general standards that all of our cabin suitcases meet. Learn more here.

Tips for your suitcase

How do I take care of my suitcase?

Suitcases should be cleaned regularly, not only for hygienic reasons. Read this short manual to learn more about what to look out for when cleaning a suitcase.

Hard or soft luggage – which type of suitcase is a better fit?

The eternal suitcase debate! You will find all you need to know about the two types of suitcases here.

What should I pay attention to when using a suitcase?

Proper handling of your suitcase is important so that it can accompany you for many years to come. We will gladly explain what you should look out for.

Locks and security

What is a TSA lock?

The protection of your luggage is of utmost importance to us. For that reason, our suitcases are equipped with so-called TSA® locks. Learn more about this special security lock here.

How can I open my trolley if I lost the Numbers from the combination lock?

If you cannot remember your code, we are happy to help you at any time.

Returns, repairs, warranty


You will receive all Probeetle products with a warranty of several years on material and manufacturing errors. You will find details about warranty periods and conditions here.

Repair and replacement service

Is your suitcase broken and needs repairing? Do you need replacements? We are happy to help.


Learn how to return your Probeetle product in our step-by-step guide here.


For all questions concerning repairs, spare-parts or claim-processing please contact us via [email protected] For all other questions, suggestions etc. regarding the brand Probeetle and the products please contact us through our contact form below.